Friday, April 18, 2014

Premier Partay

Hey, friends! Happy Friday- Good Friday, I should say. I just wanted to drop in really quickly and tell you about the jewelry party I'm having next week. YOU should be there. Seriously, if you're local, let me know and I'll give you the details. If you're not local and want to browse the catalog, let me know and I'll email you a code so you can look around. You are welcome to order before the party as well!
I'm new to Premier Designs. Over the last year, I've started building a collection of jewelry from them. I don't wear a ton of jewelry and I like to keep it pretty simple, especially because I have babies who like sparkly, dangly things...BUT Premier has something for everyone. If you like to go all out with accessories, they definitely have plenty of options for you. If you don't wear a whole lot like me, they've got you covered, too. Many of their necklaces can be worn different ways or double as bracelets. I love their stuff. Here's just a few things I own from them (the rest were scattered across my house/car at time of post publishing ;) ):

I decided to have a party because my sister just recently started a new business with Premier Designs. I see a watch I've had my eye on in my near future! If you just want to look, come on by. I'll lure you with the promise of food and good company (and cute babies). If you just want to order, again let me know. 

P.S. The above pictured wrap bracelet has been known around my house to double (and triple) functions as curtain holders and cabinet safety locks. Very versatile ;)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mid Week News

I miss meeting you here every day. My time to write is now dedicated to research papers and discussion board posts, something I dread almost every day. I only have about 3.5 more weeks with these two classes and then I'm cutting back. I took on too much; I know that. Yesterday, I couldn't hold my eyes open. The strain of this pregnant body bending over to pick up children, the weight of this new adventure, and trying to do the best I can in my graduate studies was weighing on me. I'm tired. Every day when I have to march the kids off to their Mother's Day Out program twice a week, I find myself questioning what I'm going to do without them at home with me. Sure, there are plenty of things I could do- clean the house without having to stop a task 85 times to change a diaper, break up a toy scuffle, or redirect someone's wandering hands that are headed toward a bucket of cleaning supplies. Perhaps I could take a test or write a paper. All things that need to be done. Yet, I think about what they're doing at school and how I'm missing it all and for what purpose? To obtain a degree I care little about? What I really want from life is to look back knowing I did all I could for my children and see that they are happy, functioning adults who chase after God's will in their lives. I'm not too sure how this degree fits into that. Still, I grew up with the lesson that we finish what we start and so I want to do this. Maybe just one class next semester, though. 
We're all doing well. My second born is babbling, finally! It's music to my ears to hear the occasional sounds that actually sound like he might hear us when we talk. Babies half his age are doing this and so it has been a long time coming. "Da, da, da" and "La, la, la" all day long. It's wonderful.

K is hilarious. He makes me laugh a lot. One thing he says that is just completely untrue is that "Money's on the couch." If he talks to J throughout the day and he asks where I am, he'll say that I'm sitting on the couch every single time. Y'all. I hardly have time to sit down. Yet, that's where he always says I am. It makes me sound lazy. Little fibber. 

My coffee is gone so that must mean it's time to start the day. I hope you all have a great one. I'm gonna meditate on this thought today:
"Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you." ~1 Peter 5:7

Happy Wednesday!

(Photos by Stephanie Bright Hatcher)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Family Hike

My oldest just loves to be outside. We obviously encourage his passion because we love enjoying the outdoors, too. Hiking, camping, and fishing were such huge parts of our lives before we had children and we hope to start doing it again soon. We're just trying to work up the nerve to do all at the same time! Camping with multiple toddlers, one who doesn't sleep well anywhere but his own crib? Eek. It's intimidating. Anyway, we take day fishing trips or short hiking trips (1-2 miles) with the kids and those are some of our best memories as a family of four. Last weekend, we headed to a nearby trail just out of town:

 And we'll call this next one "Life ain't always beautiful." Alternatively titled, "WHY DO THEY MAKE ME STOP MY LIFE TO TAKE PHOTOS?!"
We had fun, though. All 4.5 of us even though there isn't photographic evidence that we were all there.

I love my boys.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yummy, Family-Approved Recipes

Y'all know I've been busy, but I've added one more thing to my plate (literally) and that is cooking dinner most nights. As you probably already know because I gush about him, my husband is an amazing cook. In the past, he put the food on the table most nights. But I just crave a schedule (and so do the boys!) so I started cooking at the same time every day so that I can have dinner on the table at a specific time. It seems to have helped a lot. Cray K is being slightly more adventurous and is definitely eating more. Baby A? Well, he's just going through a phase- that's what we'll call it.


I am making my growing family happy with some of the Pinterest meals I've made lately:

1) Chicken (and Bacon) Ranch Pasta
The picture is terrible, I know. Trust me though- YOU WANT THIS IN YOUR LIFE.

2) Creamy Bacon Tomato and Avocado Pasta Salad
This was amazing, too and didn't last long at all. Both of my kids even ate was weird.

3) Chicken Tacos (or Burritos?) *This was easy and delicious. Sadly, the pin didn't lead anywhere, but I was able to figure it out on my own (ha) and created a photo of directions just for YOU.

I suggest you add beans and rice to the other ingredients shown here. mmmm, MMM!

That's all I've got folks.

Stay tuned for the following posts:
- the opening of my new business (hopefully next week)! Details to come.
- baby #3 Bumpdate
- hiking with my crew

Much love,

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Life Hacks (Mom Edition)

I only have about two and a half years under my belt, but I could learn ya a thing or two. (I don't talk like that on a regular basis. Sorry. Please keep reading.) There have been some things I've come across lately that I thought, "Hey, the people need to know that!" so today I've got some tips for you on how you can make life as a mom a bit easier.

1. Do not waste your time with any other wipes than these:
Seriously. Just bite the bullet and shell out the extra money for them, they're worth it, y'all. There's nothing worse than when a wipe tears apart when you're using it (except maybe world hunger). PAY FOR THESE. YOU NEED THEM. And no, Huggies did not ask or pay me to say that although I wish they would.

2. Kitchen scissors for everything! My dear friend showed me this just the other day. Are you constantly breaking up baby's food into tiny, baby bites? I was, too! My fingers were curling up in an early arthritic position from slaving away at this chore, but I have found relief in a tool that was in the drawer in my kitchen the whole time.
 (Note: Be quick and don't let your baby almost grab sharp scissors like I did.)

Wanna give your one year who has no teeth pizza? Grab some scissors and get to snippin'. This revolutionized meal time here (Thanks, Rachel!).

3. Buy toys that don't require batteries. If you don't, the kids will play with it until it goes dead (short time frame) and then they will ask you fifty billion times to make it work or "battries?" You can't afford them. Good ole fashion toys are best. Here's one of our favorites:
It's a rainmaker toy that trickles down beads while movement is going on inside. K loves the sound, A loves to watch it move. No one paid me to say this either (wah, wah).

4. Get organized. If there's one thing I've noticed over the past couple of years it's that kids crave stability. They need to feel comfortable in a schedule. I'm on an organization kick right now and it seems to have made all the difference in the world with the way my eldest behaves. He is eating better, sleeping better, and seems much happier. I've printed off a schedule for us, meal plans, and other list-making essentials to make this all happen. Try it!

That's all for today. I'll be sure to share more mom life hacks soon.

(P.S. If you aren't getting responses from me on your comments, it's likely because you are a no-reply blogger and I can't communicate with ya! I want to, I do! Make sure your email is connected to the account your commenting from so that we can chat, ok? )

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Milestones of My Mini(s)

I know my family at least gets a kick out of hearing about the boys and how they're doing so behold- happy news:

Cray K is unbelievably kind at times. He surprises me daily with manners and a sweet demeanor. When he's not pitching fits and being a completely unreasonable two year old, he smiles at me with the biggest grin, reaches up to give me a big hug, or nestles his head onto my shoulder like he would stay there forever if I let him. His teacher at school says he apologizes for everything which makes me feel a little bad because I know he must get that from me. I once apologized to a lean cuisine, after all. Anyway, he often says, "Sorry, Sir" no matter if it's a man or woman or he's done absolutely nothing wrong. It's pretty cute. 
He is also counting. I mean, he has been reciting numbers in order for awhile now, but this evening we were reading and I noticed he was counting animals properly. Child genius*.
When his brother is crying uncontrollably, he stops what he is doing and tries to help the situation. He'll bring a toy over and try to get Baby A to smile or play with the toy. He'll offer a paci or give him a hug. These moments warm my heart.
After bedtime stories and prayers, he runs away when I try to kiss him and tell him goodnight, but I know it's just a part of his game. I can tell by the look in his eyes if I dare leave the room without blowing him a kiss and telling him I love him. He waits for it, depends on it. This kid is precious to me.

Baby A is a pistol. He explores everywhere and everything. His motor skills seem to be more advanced than K's were at this age. He mimics and learns quickly when it comes to things as important as play. He discards this trait when it comes to pesky things like discipline. When I tell him no (with my mad face, sign language, and voice), he giggles and pretends he's going to do it again! At least he's cute.
His little walk is the best. Sometimes he leads with his belly. Other times he's walking with his feet extra far apart as if he is a sumo wrestler. Sometimes he'll squat down a little and creep. It cracks me up. 
While he isn't exercising his newly found independence from us, he is still my sweet baby who wants to come up and lay his head on my lap. His face lights up when he sees me. It doesn't matter if I just escaped to the bathroom a minute ago or I've been gone for hours. He loves his mama and there is a special place for my middle child in my heart.

(P.S. He used the big boy potty the other day, a feat his older brother hasn't mastered.)

Then there's M. The newest family member is now the size of a banana. I can feel him kicking and squirming around a lot more this week and that makes me happy, too. I have been craving chocolate doughnuts by Merita Sweet Sixteen and nothing else will do. I've looked all over this town and there are none to be found. Booooo. Oh, but anyway, we were talking about the baby...I'm already very much in love with him, too. We selected a name and he's already mine. I wonder what he'll look like, how he'll play with his brothers when he's older, when he'll get his first tooth (Big brother just now developed one at 15 months old!), and if his hair will curl like my other boys' does.

This mama is blessed.

(*perhaps a slight exaggeration from proud mama)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Scene

Rainy, dreary Saturday here but my other half is home for the night so I suppose I can't complain. We are going to try to enjoy today before he leaves again for a day or two on another business trip. It's pretty bad that I don't know where he's going this time. Ohio, maybe? I can't keep up.

Little Cray K was up coughing his precious head off last night, but he seems fine today. Little A is seemingly happy, too but he wasn't last night. These boys are a trip! And one day I'm sure I'll wish they were home more often so I'm trying to keep smiling with three hours of sleep. Difficult task for me!

In typical late twenties, early thirties fashion, we're headed to lows today on our big family outing. Time to work on the bathroom, hang crap, and work on projects around the house. What's your Saturday shaping up like? If you tell me you're skiing the Alps or hiking around Puerto Rico, it might call for a virtual face punch. Kidding. Mostly.

Here's to a cup of coffee and the weekend!

Happy Saturday to all of you!



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